Leading Sydney Chambers

Eight Selborne is a leading set of barristers’ chambers in Sydney.

Our members are busy and prominent practitioners across all courts, though we specialise in commercial law and equity.

Throughout our 60 year history Eight Selborne has enjoyed an exemplary reputation for fast, clear and high quality legal analysis.

Many of the members of Eight Selborne have gone on to distinguished careers as judges, including on the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia and the New South Wales Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

The members of Eight Selborne have also produced many notable legal texts, including the classic Meagher, Gummow & Lehane’s Equity: Doctrines and Remedies (now in its fifth edition).

Eight Selborne warmly welcomes new barristers as readers each year.

Eight Selborne is a diverse and collegiate floor, and has for many years offered generous support to any member taking parenting or other long term leave.

Senior Counsel



Jeremy Stoljar SC

Ian Davidson SC

Jason Potts SC

Michael Elliott SC

Julie Taylor SC

Justin Hewitt SC

Angus Grant

Matthew Tyson

Mark Cleary

Todd Marskell

Patrick Reynolds

Daniel Klineberg

Victoria Brigden

Chris Tam

Rebecca Gall

Benjamin Ryde

James Willis

Louise Hulmes

Bernice Ng

John Anderson

Alexander Langshaw

Douglas McDonald-Norman

Benjamin Goodyear

Andrew Emmerson

Hayden Fielder

Przemek Kucharski

Cheyne Clarke

Sally Flynn

Minh Bui